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Notes on N.O.P.E.
Documentary Feature

Are you serving NOPE? You've seen beauty queens and dancing queens, but to be a Nobody requires Newness, Outlook, Passion, and most of all Eugghck! Come join us in Purgatory as Brooklyn's kookiest Queens, Kings, and Things, vie to be crowned MX. Nobody. 

Lavender Outlaws
Documentary Short

Despite a wave of violence and legislation against their community, these musicians gather in the center of this political turmoil: Nashville, Tennessee. Come serve witness to the true Outlaws of Country music.

Narrative Short

Shy twink Marcus is swiping left at the empty bar, about to leave when a bartender, Ben, catches his eye. Ben is dripping in confidence, with a velvet cloak that Marcus can’t keep his eyes (and hands) off of. The night is filled with dancing, laughter, flirting—as fantasy turns into reality. 

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