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Post Transition Services

Intelligent Solutions to Creative Problems

Data Storage

There are hundreds of ways to store your media, but drive type, data speeds, and capacity, all need to be considered to find the right hard drive for your project.

Proxy Generation

Various proxy creation methods exist, and managing codecs, resolution, and data footprint requires tailored settings for seamless post-production workflow.

Archival Storage

Whether you have a retention agreement or plan for a 16k remaster rerelease, long-term storage ensures the safe preservation of your media for decades.

Custom Automations

If you're working on large or multiple projects, you'll likely benefit from some automation. I work with platforms such as Airtable, iconik, and more to automate post-production processes. 

File Management

Files get messy fast. Stay organized from start to finish with folder structures and naming conventions tailored to your project's needs.

Final Deliverables

Selling your project to a new platform, doesn’t have to mean going back to the raw files. Get your textless exports, stems, and masters made early to be prepared for whatever the future may bring!

Remote Workflows

With everyone everywhere that's a lot of files moving around. Let's talk about tools that can help your team work smoothly together.

Post Transition

I'm Damon Beirne. Editor, Director, and Workflow Specialist. 

Stop wasting time on technical delays, simplify your post-production, and contact me today.

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