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Digital Image Technician

Lights, camera, data! Our DITs keep your digital footage in check, while our script supervisors make sure your continuity is seamless. We provide a kit for data wrangling and storage, and can add metadata tagging to make finding and organizing clips a breeze.

Assistant Editor

Our assistant editors bring order to the creative chaos, with project preparation services including full sync and organized timelines. We provide proxies and transcodes with an FFMPEG Proxy Script to speed up your workflow, and offer stringout and export services with optimized settings. Need your project cleaned up? We've got you covered. And when it's time to share your cuts for review, we'll export and upload them like a pro.


Lights, camera, action...and color! Our colorists bring your footage to life, providing color management and science services to give your project the perfect look.

Post Producer

Our post producers keep things running smoothly, offering scheduling services to coordinate rounds of notes and edit sessions. Need additional editors, colorists, sound mixers, or VFX artists? We'll book them for you. And before production even begins, we'll meet with you during pre-production to set the workflow that best fits your show.


Our integrators make sure your project is accessible from anywhere, providing file transfer via FTP server and backup storage on NAS and Lacie Drive. We offer remote editing services, as well as administration services for iconik and LucidLink. And when it's time to archive your project, we'll handle S3 bucket archiving services with ease.

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